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4 Benefits of Using a Lockbox for Your Pet Sitter

May 3, 2023Cats, Dogs, Pet Sitters

When hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, key management can be a pain point for many pet parents. Your sitter or walker needs access to your home but handing over your key can be nerve-wracking—you just want a safe, secure way to let your pet sitter into your home.   Lockboxes offer an easy, safe alternative to handing over your key, and it’s the method we recommend most to our clients. 

What is a Lockbox?

A lockbox attaches to your home, the doorknob, or a nearby fence or railing and stores your key within. To open the box and access the key, your pet sitter or dog walker will need to input the correct code that you communicate to them in advance. 

4 Benefits of Using a Lockbox for Your Pet Sitter

1.  Never Need to Arrange a Key Exchange

When you’re planning a vacation or business trip, you already have so much on your plate—scheduling another meeting with your pet sitter to exchange keys shouldn’t be one of them.   One of the best benefits is the convenience for both you and your pet sitter. Instead of needing to meet to exchange keys prior to your leaving, you can simply leave the key inside the lockbox and then communicate the code to your pet sitter or dog walker over the phone. 

2. Your Keys Can’t Be Lost

Using a lockbox also gives you more control over your keys. Pet sitters and dog walkers are only human, and accidents can happen. When you give them a physical key to hold onto, they could get lost.  Instead, leaving your key in the lockbox ensures they’re safely stored at your house, and you always know where they are. You Can Change the Code at Any Time!

3.  You Can Change the Code at Any Time

Leaving your keys on file for a pet sitter or dog walker can be anxiety-inducing, even when you’re working with someone trustworthy. You always worry about the safety of your home, your belongings, and your pets. You Can Change the Code at Any Time.  With a lockbox, you can easily change the code when you get back, giving you peace of mind that you’re safe. 

4.  Emergency Backup for Smart Locks

With advancing technology, many pet parents use smart locks for their homes. These can also be a convenient way to work with your pet sitter or dog walker, but they rely on electricity to function.  If the power went out, your pet sitter and dog walker would have no way to access your home. Smart locks can also malfunction, leaving them locked out of your home. Using a lockbox provides a backup in case of emergencies.

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