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5 Benefits of Backyard Poop Scooping Service

Apr 5, 2023Dogs, Pet Health

Having a dog is full of many fulfilling, fun moments—playing fetch in the backyard, cuddling on the couch, and exploring new hiking trails. With all these exciting moments of pet parenthood, there’s also one responsibility that we’d all rather not do: pick up dog poop.  Not only is picking up your pet’s waste a dirty job, but it’s also time-consuming. Between your busy work schedule, household chores, and making time for friends and family, it can be tough to find time to keep the backyard clean.  Luckily, there are poop-scooping services to help take the burden off your shoulder. Read on to learn the benefits of hiring a pet waste removal service.

1.   Keep Your Local Water System Clean

Many people think that leaving dog poop in your backyard is good for the environment, acting like a fertilizer for your grass, but this isn’t the case. Your dog’s waste is classified as a pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency because of the bacteria it leaches into the soil and your local water supply.  If left in your backyard, the poop can be washed away into nearby storm sewers, carrying bacteria into nearby rivers and lakes, as well as your drinking water.  Watch Washington County Government video on the effects of pet waste in our local waterways.  

2.   Fit Poop Scooping into Your Busy Schedule

When you have a busy schedule full of work, children, and household chores, scooping your dog’s poop is at the bottom of the priority list. Often, it’s a chore that gets relegated to the weekends, taking up your valuable relaxation and family time.  By hiring a professional poop scooping service, you can have your weekends back to spend resting or catching up on quality time with the family. The service can fit waste removal conveniently into your week.  Click to Become A Client or Request a Quote

3.   Spend More Time Enjoying Your Backyard

Backyards are meant for playing fetch with your pup, chasing the kids around, or hosting backyard barbecues. When the grass is filled with dog poop, it’s hard to enjoy any time outside—especially when the backyard becomes a minefield in the dark.  With a professional poop scooping company, you can have your backyard back. No more worrying about where you step or whether you should invite the neighbors over.

4.   Keep Your Backyard Odor-Free

Here’s the truth about dog poop: It stinks. When it’s left to build up in your backyard, the odor lingers. Not only does this make it difficult to enjoy your space, but the smell can also waft over to your neighbors or passersby on the street.   Professional pet waste removal prevents uncomfortable conversations with your neighbors, keeps your backyard odor-free, and your curb appeal strong.  With Platinum Paws Pet Services, we also do the clean-up the day before trash pickup, so it never sits in your trash longer than it needs to, keeping odors to a minimum.

5.   Let Someone Else Take Care of the Physical Labor of Pet Waste Removal

Not only is picking up dog poop time-consuming, but it’s also labor-intensive, especially if you have a large backyard. Constantly bending over can be tough on your back, especially as you get older.  Prevent back pain and muscle soreness by leaving that task to the professionals. With a poop scooping service, you can relax while your dog’s waste is removed for you.

Ready to Hire a Poop Scooping Service for Your Backyard?

Platinum Paws Pet Services offers efficient poop scooping with exceptional customer service. We provide pet waste removal that fits your schedule: weekly, every other week, once a month, or just for spring cleaning. 

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