Your pet’s health and well-being, are our top priority.

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Treat your pets like the stars they are!


Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority.

Platinum Paws Pet Services realizes that each household and every pet is unique with an assortment of needs. Please contact us or start the process to become a client and so we can create your personalized pet care plan at no cost

Mid-Day Dog Walking|$23 per 30 min

Is your dog high energy and needs exercise midday? Have a new four-legged baby in your family? We will be there! One of our dog walkers will visit your home between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm to walk your dog, play in the yard, or give them some well-deserved loving attention. It’s your choice. For those who work in retail, the medical profession, etc where your schedule needs more flexibility, please email us.

This is a discounted rate. You must schedule PPPS at least four times a week to qualify for this rate. If not, the regular dog walking rate will apply.

We do offer 45 & 60-minute visit options.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Visits|$25 per 30 min


You deserve a vacation. We get it! But you don’t want the added stress of figuring out what to do with your pet or wondering whether or not they’ll be in good hands. That’s where we come in.

One of our pet sitters will visit your home up to 4 times per day, (Morning, Midday, Evening, and Bedtime). Each visit provides your pet with the necessary exercise, feeding/watering, medications, and TLC they need to keep them anxiety-free in your absence. We will bring in your mail, take out the trash, alter lighting, and water up to 5 plants at no additional charge. No more than 12 hours ever go in-between visits.

We also offer 45 & 60-minute visit options.



Kitty & Small Animals|$23 per 20 min


One of our cat sitters will provide a minimum of one visit a day within a 24-hour period, or two daily visits to adhere to your feline friend’s eating schedule. We will scoop your litter boxes, replenish water bowls, come feed them breakfast and/or dinner. We will bring in any packages, mail, adjust lighting, water up to 5 plants, and leave your home as secured as we found it. Cat visits start at 7 am with the last visit starting at 7 pm. We give a 2-hour window for all visits, except when pets require medication to be administered at a particular time. We will work with the owners to give medication in a timely manner.

We also offer 30, 45 & 60-minute visit options.



Exotic Animals & Birds

We just don't take care of your beloved Cats & Dogs - we love many other animals as well!

Farm Animals Services and Rates

Lets us help you with your farm animals by providing World Class Farm Services when you need that extra hand or when you take the much needed vacation!


Concierge Services and Rates

We offer a slew of high quality additional services so we can meet all of our clients and their pet's needs.

Misc. Services & Rates

Arrival & Departure Text Messages / FREE!

Registration Meeting / $20

Lock Box / $30

Backyard Poop Scooping Services|$20 for two dogs weekly


Your pet care professional will clean up the poop in your yard. This rate is for weekly cleaning and for 2 dogs on a 1/2 acre of property. Areas over 1/2 acre reach out for estimate. We do offer bi-monthly, monthly, and one-time spring cleaning.





There will be a double charge PER VISIT on the following holidays: New Years' Eve, New Years' Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day