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Why Daily Cat Visits are Necessary!

Aug 24, 2022Cats, Featured

Cat Pet Services

MYTH: Cats are low maintenance and are good to be left alone for several days.  Just leave them with an extra bowl of water and food, what could possibly go wrong?

FACT: True, cats are lower maintenance than dogs.  Veterinarians recommend cats be checked on a minimum of every 24 hours, while older and younger kitties may need additional visits depending on their age and health.  Older felines may need additional meals due to the medication regime or their appetite increases thus resulting in twice-a-day feedings.  Kittens often get into mischief that requires checking on their safety and replenishing the food they completely devour their food or water in their human’s absence. 

Against popular misconceptions, cats require a significant amount of time, attention, and care.  Even the elusive cat needs attention to their care because of their stress level.  Felines love their humans and schedule; often apt to show their dislike of any interruption by acting out in the most displeasing way.  Cats are social creatures just like dogs, they want human companionship, even if they only prefer their humans over strangers.  The feline body language is more subdued compared to the dog’s outwardly over-the-top excitable reaction to their humans’ walking in the door.  One cat, under our care, will come out from hiding as soon as I open the door; he starts meowing and rubbing up against our legs to say hello. 

Even feline’s who hide in the presence of strangers will demonstrate their unhappiness and boredom as social cats when no one is around.  Cats will jump on countertops, knock over items left out, or chew on wires.  A cat’s boredom can result in exuberant monetary damage too if left unchecked for longer than 24 hours, and kitties need extra visits really monitor their mischief.  Whereas if it was found earlier the damage could be minimal.  A previous client removed the gas knobs to her stove after discovering, thankfully while home, her kitty would turn the gas burners on.  Hiring certified professional pet sitters like Platinum Paws Pet Services will always make sure to find even the most elusive cat at every visit.  Where your friend or neighbor may not understand why your cat is not eating or is not diligent in cleaning the litter box.

Cats tend to over or under-eat when stressed.  A cat overeating in a multiple-cat home will likely lead to the other cats acting out.  A hungry kitty is an angry kitty and no one really wants to see the destruction they create as a result.  At times, cats may vomit, have a case of diarrhea, or refuse to use the litter box due to the stress of their owner’s absence (Better to have your professional pet sitter clean it, do you really want your neighbor to have to clean that up).  

Hiring a certified professional pet sitter will understand the stress your feline is experiencing and will closely monitor their activities.   Our Platinum Paws Pet Services pet sitters won’t just come in feed the cats and run.  We even offer the elusive kitty a quiet and reassuring presence.  Creating an early on rapport with a professional pet sitter will ease the stress as the cat ages and will be more at ease with them administering medicine in the likely hood of getting sick.  They will have an underlying sense of familiarity and trust with their sitter. 

Hiring Platinum Paws Pet Services as your professional pet sitter will provide you with peace of mind that your cat is happy and stress-free at home with their schedule intact.  They will come to really know their primary sitter and thus start to bond with them.  Even reclusive cats learn to trust their sitter because we gain their trust by keeping them happy at home on their schedule and respecting their boundaries.  We become a calming presence they learn to love and trust.  Your friends or neighbors may love your cat, but do not fully understand exactly the importance of keeping a cat on their schedule or signs of sickness.   Platinum Paws Pet Services will design a care package specifically designed for your cats and keep them on their schedule.