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Should You Leave A TV/Radio On For Your Pets?

Feb 8, 2023Activities, Cats, Dogs

Discussing Whether Or Not Your Pet Enjoys Having The TV Or Radio On While Nobody Is Home

It’s a very common practice for pet owners to leave a TV or radio on for their pets when they’re not home. Many pet owners believe that the noise from a TV or radio will make their pets feel more comfortable and give the impression that people are home. This article will cover everything you need to know about leaving the TV or radio on for your pets including the pro’s, con’s, and the facts.

A Professional Opinion 

Here at Platinum Paws Pet Sitting, we know a lot about pets and how they behave. With over 9 years of experience working with dogs and cats, we are experts when it comes to knowing what pets like and don’t like. That’s why we feel it’s our responsibility to share this knowledge with like minded responsible pet owners like you. Your pets deserve the best! The more you understand your pets and how they perceive the world, the better equipped you will be to care for them. 

How Do Pets React To TV Or Radio?

During our years as a professional pet sitting business, we’ve found that pets tend to react differently to TV or radio based on two key factors. The first factor is the type of sound coming from the TV or radio. The second factor is the type of pet. Let’s break down each specific type of pet and how they interpret TV or radio. 


Puppies require a great deal of attention and stimulation. They are very accustomed to you providing that attention and stimulation through playing, walking, feeding, and snuggling them. TV or radio can’t replace you and the stimulation you provide your puppy. However, puppies have fairly short attention spans and can be easily distracted. The sounds of a TV or radio can be useful in distracting your puppy from engaging in destructive behavior like chewing or scratching up your furniture.  


Adult dogs typically have better attention spans than puppies, but are just as easily distracted. Leaving a TV or radio on for your dog can be beneficial for keeping them distracted, but it varies from dog to dog. According to the Dunedin Animal Medical Center, dogs with separation anxiety often respond well to radio music or TV noises as a safety cue. This only applies to sounds as dogs don’t perceive images on a TV the same way people do. A TV also doesn’t provide any smells to accompany the sounds and images, making it less stimulating to dogs. 


Similar to puppies, kittens also require a great deal of attention and stimulation. They also have short attention spans making it difficult to keep them preoccupied. Again, TV and radio can’t replace you and the stimulation you provide your kitten. However, you can create an environment that simulates your presence. If you usually leave your TV or radio on when you’re home, then your kitten will be accustomed to it. Therefore, leaving your TV or radio on when you’re not home can make your kitten feel like nothing is out-of-the-ordinary. 


Cats are very perceptive and aware of their environment. They know when you’re home and when you’re not home. Leaving a TV or radio on while you’re not home will only make them feel at ease if you consistently have your TV or radio on while you are home. You can’t trick your cat, but you can help them feel more comfortable. 

Pro Tips

If you decide to leave your TV or radio on for your pets when you’re not home, make sure the volume isn’t too loud. Both dogs and cats have excellent hearing that far exceeds that of humans. Having the TV or radio on too loud can be counter productive. Additionally, be sure to select specific music or TV stations that provide soothing and/or calming sounds. Smooth jazz, piano, or acoustic guitar are great options for radio music. While quiet, less action-packed films are good for TV.

What’s Best For Your Pet

Every pet is different and will respond to TV sounds and radio music in different ways. As pet professionals, we encourage you to test these methods out and see what works best for your pet. You want what’s best for your pet and so do we! You can skip the TV and radio altogether and hire a professional pet sitter instead. Click here to become a client. Not sure about the price? Click here to request a quote. Looking to save some money? Click here to receive a coupon for our pet sitting services.