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The Ultimate Checklist For When Traveling With Your Dog

Aug 2, 2022Dogs

You have decided to take your pup on your next adventure or vacation. Now what? Before you start packing your bags in the car, take a look at our checklist of items we think are our must-haves or to-dos.

1. ID tag, GPS tracker, and microchip
Great time to check your dog’s ID tag and microchip. Check the pet’s ID tag and make sure it has your cell phone number and it is legible. Having the landline number will not do you any good when you are on vacation. Also, look into purchasing a GPS tracker to put on your pup’s collar or get a GPS collar. If they get separated from you in a strange place, having these three things will help you get your dog back safe and sound.

2. Quick trip to Vet
Before jetting off for a vacation with your pup, check in with your vet to make sure your pet is healthy to travel. They may require immunizations and they can also check your microchip too. Also, your pet may need sedatives to keep your pup calm during the car ride.

3. Blankets & Bedding from Home
Having the comforts and normal smells of home on their blankets and bedding aids. If you have not washed them in a while, I would make sure to wash them a couple of days before and not right before. Let the smells of a home be on the blankets.

4. Food & Treats
Pack enough food and treats to last you at least one to two weeks longer than you than your scheduled trip. Bring instant rice, canned pumpkin, and either already cooked, frozen, or prepared to buy chicken when you arrive at your destination. Traveling to a new location could cause stress thus giving them diarrhea or a queasy tummy, better to be prepared. Easier to have what you need on hand, if not perishable.

5. Bottled water
Make sure your pup gets plenty of water while traveling. Also, you may want bottled water for them to drink while on vacation. Different cities have different water quality, thus could cause dogs to have upset stomachs or cause UTIs.

6. Extra leashes, harnesses, and collars
Always good to bring a couple of sets of leashes, harnesses, and collars. Having the extra leashes and harness help if they get caught in the rain or happen to for some crazy reason break theirs.

7. Bowls
If you do not already have two collapsible bowls, I suggest purchasing them. The collapsible bowls are easier for traveling and less likely to break. They are also great to take out on walks when on home or vacation by easily fitting in a bag or clipping onto their leash.

8. Extra paper towels & towels
Honestly, you really could never have enough extra paper towels. Having pets means accidents will happen. Better to be prepared before you go. If they get caught in the rain, having their own towels to dry them off will make things easier especially if it rains while you are driving.

9. Scented Trash Bags
Scented bags are a must-have travel item. Especially if your fur baby gets sick or makes a mess while traveling. The scented bags will mask any unwanted smell permeating the bag.

10. Plenty of poop bags (help with cleaning up messes inside)
Poop bags are my go-to for ALL messes. No gloves, poop bags are a great substitute and a great way to keep your hands clean while cleaning up the inside accidents. Great for mini trash bags and use them to pump gas.

11. Cooler
Cooler will keep your pup’s water from getting too warm on hot days. Let the water sit at room temp before giving it to them. Even a quick bathroom break in the heat will require your pup to hydrate and cool water will help quench their thirst.

12. Fresh bottle of pet cleaner
Best to be prepared with your own pet cleaning solution. Save you a trip from running during your visit and your go to brand not being on the shelf. Also, to clean any messes in your car before reaching your destination.

13. Dog First Aid Kit
Great investment even if you do not plan on traveling with your pet.

14. Seat belt or restraint
Some pups have such nervous energy when the car is moving, they pace the vehicle and/or bark continuously. This behavior can be extremely distracting to the driver thus causing a car accident. Plus, a seat belt or restraint will help keep them safe in case of a car accident. I purchased the cutest carrier for the car for Countess Zoey. I feel safe knowing that she’s in her little spot and not running around my backseat.

15. Bring your own vacuum (Optional)
(WHAT! WHY?) Especially if you are going to a friend’s place, you will want to clean up before you leave and if your dog is anything like Countess Zoey, she leaves her fur everywhere. Plus, if they make a mess, I find it better to have a trusty vacuum that is strong enough to collect your pup’s fur.

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