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Cold Weather Gear For Dogs

Jan 10, 2023Activities, Dogs, Pet Health

Covering Everything Your Dog Needs During Cold Weather

Winter is both a beautiful and unavoidable time of year. It brings festive holidays, long-time traditions, and cold weather. But just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean your dog has to be cold too. This article will cover everything you need to know about winter weather gear for your dog to keep them comfortable and happy this winter. 

Weatherproof Jackets For Dogs

There is a wide variety of different types of dog jackets on the market today. There is virtually a different dog coat for every occasion and every type of weather. What type of dog coat you will want for your dog will vary depending on where you live and what kind of weather you’re experiencing. The best types of dog coats for colder winter weather would include the dog snowsuit, dog parka, and dog fleece. If you’re looking to invest in some top-quality dog coats and apparel, then check out K9Apparel.com

Dog Snowsuit:

These coats are usually made of nylon, polyester, and lined with fleece-like material. These coats are especially good at keeping your dog dry and warm during cold and snowy weather. 

Dog Parka:

Dog Parkas are made of similar material as a dog snowsuit, but offer more breathability for your dog. They are very effective at being wind-resistant, keeping your dog well-insulated, and helping them look exceptionally fashionable. 

Dog Fleece:

A dog fleece is very similar to a fleece that people would wear. They are made of a soft, warm, and fuzzy material that will keep your dog comfortable during cold windy days. The material is typically much thinner than a snowsuit or parka, making them ideal for cold but not freezing weather. 

Doggie Booties:

Yes, they are real! There are all-weather boots made a specialty for dogs to wear. These dog boots help protect a dog’s paws from cold and wet weather. While all dogs have pads on their paws, some breeds of dogs are more sensitive than others. These boots will help keep your dogs’ paws dry, warm, and well-protected. Keep in mind not all dogs will be very receptive to wearing boots on their paws as it may feel unnatural to them. 

Dog Paw Wax

Contrary to popular belief, a dog’s paws are not exceptionally tough or resilient just because they are exposed to the elements. Dog paws are susceptible to chapping, cracking, and bleeding. This is especially true during colder winter weather due to the dry air and frigid temperatures. Additionally, dogs’ paws are at risk of “snowballing,” a condition where ice builds up between their toes making it painful for them to walk. This is where dog paw wax comes in! Dog paw wax will keep your dog’s paws moisturized and also help prevent snow and ice from building up between their toes and pads. 

Waterproof Dog Collar

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow during the winter, then a waterproof collar for your dog is a must. A dog’s collar is essential for identifying them should they ever become lost or stolen. A dog collar should also be comfortable for your dog to wear, otherwise, they may try and remove it themselves. A waterproof dog collar is not only durable but comfortable for your dog to wear. 

A Comfortable Winter

Winter is usually not comfortable for most people or pets. It’s cold, windy, and oftentimes snowy. But, with the proper winter weather gear, your dog can be warm, comfortable, and happy this winter season. But what about you? If you don’t like walking your dog in the winter weather, then you should hire a dog walker to do that for you! The pet professionals at Platinum Paws Pet Sitting have you covered.  Click on Book Now or Request a Quote to get started today!