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7 Best Places to Take Your Dog For a Walk/Hike in Washington County, MD

Jun 17, 2022Activities

Walking your dog is one of the best bonding activities you can do with them.  why not shake up your typical walking routine?  We picked 7 of the best places to hike or walk in Washington County, MD.  It’s cold outside, why not make it more of an adventure for you and your pup?  Depending on where you live in Washington County, several of the locations are easy to pop over during the week to add a little variety into your typical daily walk.  Check out the 7 hot spots for hiking and walking below.

1 Fairgrounds Park, Hagerstown, MD

Going to the Fairgrounds Park is one of my favorite places to go for a quick walk during the middle of a busy week.  There is always ample parking with the location is easy to  in  the Hagerstown Fairgrounds.  Patience would love when we could get over to the park to walk, especially during the middle of the weekday.  She loved having the grounds all to herself.  I am looking forward to taking Zoey once she has all of her shots.   If you signed up for the 100 Miler, this is a great spot to get your miles in with your pup.  Remember to check out the Fairgrounds website for their pet rules and regulations or to sign up for the 100 Miler. Check out their website for more information (click here).

2 Appalachian trail

Have a high energy dog?  Have you tried hiking on the Appalachian trail?  The trail runs 40.9 miles through Maryland, with several easy access points in Washington County for day hikes or overlooks.  The trail has for all skill levels, but do check the websites to see what trail fits your fitness level.  Zoe will be hitting the Appalachian Trail once she’s old enough.  Since she’s only a puppy, we have to be careful on which trails she can do..  Once she’s ready, we will start with the easier trails and work her up to the more difficult ones.    Both you and your pup feel accomplished after a good hike and if successful a worn out dog as well.  Pick your spot carefully because some are extremely popular and parking is limited.  If you are concerned about whether the terrain is appropriate for your pup, check with your veterinarian.

3 C&O Canal

The C&O Canal is one of my favorite places to go for a run.  Patience on the other hand was not a fan of coming here for walks.  Patience was a dog that loved her walks with the least amount of distractions as possible.  She didn’t like how busy it was even on the slowest days. One of the more popular entry points is in Williamsport, but check their website to see other entry points that are not as busy.  Especially since the C&O Canal runs 78 miles out of the 184.5 miles in Washington County.  Plenty of room for everyone and walkers of all levels.

4 Fort Richie

If you have a bit of time on your hands, Fort Richie is a weekend spot for a bit of a destination walk with your pup.  I didn’t try taking Patience here, but several of my clients walked their pups here regularly on weekends. Fort Richie is a former military base located in northern Washington County in Highfield-Cascade. During the summer the Fort Richie is the home to several triathlon races put on by Racine Sports.

5 Veterans Park, Smithsburg MD

Last summer, Veterans Park was my go to place to walk my one client’s dog, Louie.  Louie needed a bit of variety and extra enrichment.  And to change things up, I would bring him here once or twice a week for an adventure walk.  Louie, pictured above, was in pure bliss walking first thing in the morning and would soak up all the different smells.

6 Martin “Marty” L. Snook Memorial Park

Marty Snook is also a great spot for a middle of the week quick walk, especially with it’s easy access right off of 70.  The terrain is flat and paved making it ideal for beginners.  During the summer, Marty Snook is the home to many 5K races or triathlons.  This spot is one of my go to running on the weekends.  Looking forward to exploring this location with Zoey.

7 Greenbrier State Park, Boonsboro, Maryland

Greenbrier has several different trails with varying degrees of difficulty.  Great for the beginner to the bit more advanced walker/hiker.  This is also the only spot on the list where you will need to pay for admission to the park.  During the summer and especially on the weekends is extremely busy and the line to get in extends a ways down on route 40 to gain entrance.  Best to come here during the fall, winter, and spring.  Greenbrier is also the home to the local Humane Society’s Polar Plunge Fundraiser.

Which one of these spots is your pup or your favorite spot? What is your or your pup’s favorite spot?  Please check with your dog’s veterinarian before starting any new walking trail.  Once Zoey is fully immunized; we will be out and checking out new spots for walking.  If you see us out walking, make sure to come say hi to Zoey.  She loves meeting new people.   For everyone that comes to say hi to Zoey will get $25 off on the next invoice (good for all current clients or new clients with cats and/or dogs).  Friendly reminder to while at these public spots to always keep your dog on a leash at all times.  Also, before approaching another dog and introducing yourself and the dog, ask the owner if the dog is friendly and an introduction is okay.