Your pet’s health and well-being, are our top priority.

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Treat your pets like the stars they are!

Customized Dog Training

Create your own training schedule that meets your needs and schedule.

We offer once a week training to twice a week dog training. Do you want to meet once a week or twice a week? What time availability do you have? 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes (limited time slots availability).

Training sessions run Monday through Thursday, and Saturdays. We travel to you so you pet has less distractions (unless meeting for socialization class). What skills do you want to learn, that is up to you too! Depending upon your pup, the number of skills the dog trainer demonstrates and teaches your pup will vary from session to session. Your pup may learn one to two skills to possibly 4 depending on skill level being taught.

Some of the skills your pup may learn:



Potty Training

Proper Greeting Skills


Leave It



Name Recognition


Counter Surfing

Find It

Puppy Biting

Puppy Desensitization

Loose Leash Walking

Field Trips



Customizable Dog Training Packages

Initial Assessment 60 minutes (no Fridays or Sundays) : $115

Our Dog Trainer will come to your home to assess your pups skills and will create a customized dog training plan.

Once a Week Dog Training Sessions

Dog Training is either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday No weekend availability.

30 Minutes Sessions:

1 session: $50
3 Sessions: $140 (savings of $10)
6 Sessions: $280 (savings of $20)

45 Minute Sessions:

1 Session: $65
3 Sessions: $185 (savings of $10)
6 Sessions: $370 (savings of $20)

60 Minute Sessions:

1 session: $80
3 Sessions: $230 (savings of $10)
6 Sessions: $460 (savings of $20)

Twice a Week Dog Training Options

Dog Training is Monday through Friday with some Saturday availability.

30 Minutes Sessions:

2 Sessions: $100
6 Sessions: $290 (savings of $10)
10 Sessions: $480 (savings of $20)

45 Minute Sessions:

2 Sessions: $130
6 Sessions: $380 (savings of $10)
10 Sessions: $630 (savings of $20)

60 Minute Sessions:

2 Sessions: $160
6 Sessions: $470 (savings of $10)
10 Sessions: $780 (savings of $20)

Loose Leash Bootcamp

Having trouble getting your dog to walk on a leash? Our Dog Trainer will come in for one or two week training sessions to work with your dog to walk loosely on the leash.

Initial Meeting Assesment and Wrap-Up Sessions : $165

One Week: 5 straight days for 45 minutes: $325
Two Weeks: 5 days straight then two days off then another 5 days straight for 45 minutes): $650

Yappy/Social Pup Parties

We hold special outings at pet friendly venues around the Hagerstown and Washington County, MD. We believe in pups having a chance to socialize and be pups. We have our Dog Trainer at each event to be able to ask questions and demonstrate skills. Check out our Facebook Page for upcoming events.


Disclaimer: Platinum Paws Pet Services will not work with dogs with a bite history or aggressive tendencies. If your dog has acted aggressively or bitten another dog or human we will refer your to another dog trainer.